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Keith Carmichael Speaks About Election Fraud in Missouri

Keith Carmichael spoke at the Vernon County Republican monthly meeting on Monday, November 2nd. Mr. Carmichael is the editor of Midwest Cattleman, owns several businesses, and is a regular in Jeff City where he works with legislators on issues of concern to Missourians. He was at the Republican meeting to talk about a current concern that continues to plague states who care about election integrity, namely the widespread election fraud that occurred in November, 2020, both nationwide and more specifically in Missouri. Following are links to charts and information made available to a packed room full of concerned citizens. This information is an excerpt from the Mike Lindell Symposium held earlier this year.

The Republicans meet the first Monday of each month. More information can be found on their website at

The chart below illustrates changed votes in Missouri by county. The information on the left is the source of the attack, and the information on the right represents the target. Although Missouri remained a reliably Red state, it is obvious from the data that votes were changed. You can view the full Missouri list of counties HERE. You can find more Mike Lindell symposium videos and charts HERE.

Missouri 2020 stolen votes.jpg

Dr. Frank's Amazing Work Discovering the Algorithms Controlling Vote Totals

This video is an interview with Dr. Frank, a Nobel Prize nominee who is  a physicist, chemist, and mathematician. He has approximately sixty peer-reviewed scientific publications and discovered and developed a new type of microscopy that can produce three-dimensional images of molecules resting on metal surfaces. Dr. Frank has done extensive research into the voting patterns and raw numbers from the 2020 election and his models have predicted results in numerous counties in numerous states. The video below explains some of these predictions. 

These charts are excerpts from the video and make a lot more sense once you listen to Dr. Frank explain them.

Find more Dr. Frank videos HERE.

Dr Frank - charts.jpg
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