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What NBC Did During Jan. 6 Hearing Shows Just How Much Dems Have Lost Americans

- RedState

We’ve seen that the Jan. 6 hearings haven’t been going very well.

The ratings were a train wreck for the first night which was in primetime. The Jan. 6 Committee has been deceptive in their presentations, trying to smear President Donald Trump and other Republicans — the primary purpose of the hearings in the run-up to the midterms. It isn’t about the truth, it’s pure politics. People know it, and aren’t interested in sticking around for the manipulated floor show.

And if people were hoping to smear Trump, the fact that Trump-endorsed candidates largely swept in the primaries since the public hearings started should be a big indication of just exactly how much the hearings are affecting people — which is to say, it certainly isn’t preventing them from voting for Trump Republicans at all.

Read the full article HERE.

Cheney Kissinger Schiff J6.jpg

Gunfight at the No-Kay Corral

- American Thinker

When will they ever learn?  Apparently not any time soon.

Once again, progressive Democrats have lured weak-kneed Senate Republicans – apparently eager for ‘approval’ from people and organizations who will, in truth, never give it to them – to cross over to the dark side in a gun control bill.

These ten sell-outs – nearly half of whom having already announced they’re not running for re-election in 2022 – have signed on with Senate Democrats, to pull together what the Democrats love to misleadingly label as “commonsense gun laws,” as reported in the Washington Post

These senators have been urged on by New York senator and Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, and by Kentucky senator and Minority Leader Mitch McConnell.  These two have urged their members of this ad hoc working group to embrace a nine-point “framework” leading up to a gun control bill.  

Oddly, that framework actually never even mentions gun control.  Those seemingly moderate nine points within it are primarily a whitewash – a wish-and-a-promise list of ideas linking mental health with gun ownership, as well as mandating school systems to turn their schools into armed encampments.   Continue Reading HERE....


Greitens ‘belongs in handcuffs, not the Senate’:

Hawley, other Republicans call on Greitens to drop out of the race

As allegations that former Gov. Eric Greitens was physically abusive to his wife and children were made public Monday, calls for him to drop out of the U.S. Senate race abounded swiftly. 

U.S. Senator Josh Hawley, a Republican, said: “If you hit a woman or a child, you belong in handcuffs, not the United States Senate. It’s time for Eric Greitens to leave this race.” 

In an affidavit made public Monday, Sheena Greitens, the former governor’s ex-wife, accused Eric Greitens of being physically abusive toward her and their children and of manipulating and coercing her into publicly supporting his political ambitions.  Read the full story from Missouri Times HERE.

greitens dejected.jpg

Editorial Opinion

Other than the human drama tragedy of a dysfunctional family, It doesn't actually matter at this point whether Greitens is innocent or guilty. He is damaged goods, and that makes him unelectable. The very possibility of a repeat of the drama and allegations that surrounded Mr. Greitens in 2018, resulting in him stepping down as governor of Missouri, is cringe worthy. Is it true? Are these more baseless lies? The fact that people will read, and many will believe, makes this man's political career a non-starter. Should he survive the August primary, the attacks from the media will increase ten-fold. Does anyone doubt that? If you do, you're not using your gray matter effectively. You can also count on something especially salacious being revealed just before the November elections. That, combined with all that preceeds it, will culminate in handing the Junior Missouri Senate seat to a Democrat. Take it to the bank. It is the opinion of TNTR that right or wrong, innocent or guilty, Mr. Greitens needs to exit the race yesterday.


Why It’s Bad for Missouri & Why The Left Wants It Here So Badly

There is an Initiative Petition* headed to our November ballots. It's based on two of the worst voting ideas of the Left, and if it passes, it's guaranteed to forever change the structure of Missouri elections. YES, it's really that serious!

*Initiative Petitions (IPs) are the way you and I can amend our state constitution. Let's say we have an idea and we want people to vote on it. We do the paperwork and process required through the Secretary of State's office, and we go out and collect signatures. If we get enough signatures, the SOS office then verifies them, and the IP ends up on the ballot for all voters to say yes or no to our idea. If there are enough YES votes, the IP passes, and our idea becomes an amendment to our constitution. The language of our idea and the process to get it on the ballot is called an "Initiative Petition".

The problem with all of this is that Missouri has one of the easiest constitutions to amend in the country! It only requires 50% +1 vote to change the document that forms the structure of our state. The Left has discovered this absurdly easy loophole that avoids the state legislature, and they are using it to change and destroy the foundation of our state. Medicaid Expansion would never have made it through our state legislature. It's way to expensive, it brings the federal government into our business and our finances, and it's bad for Missouri. The Left knew that. So.....they sidestepped the legislature by going through the IP process instead. St. Louis and KC guarantee the kooky ideas of the Left will have a fair chance of making it into a document that should instead be very difficult to modify.

So, back to IPs and our fall election. The new IP that promises to destroy our elections is none other than Ranked Choice Voting (RCV). The specific IP number is 2022-051, and it can be found here: .It's divided into two parts. Either by itself is onerous, but together they are devastating.  Let's take a look at each section.

Flyer against R4 FRONT.jpg

Part One

The California style Jungle Primary.

Currently, Missouri has "closed primaries", meaning that when you go to your polling place in an August primary, you will be asked if you want a Republican or a Democrat ballot. The candidates on those respective ballots have filed with that party, and you choose who you want to represent you in the November general election.

The Jungle Primary instead throws ALL candidates onto ONE ballot, regardless of Party affiliation. This is harmful for a couple of reasons: (1) It makes it very easy for the opposition party to vote for our weakest candidates, and (2) it makes it easy for "crossover voting where you vote for you party's candidates, but then can also vote for people from the other party. While that might sound OK, after all we all have friends who probably belong to another party, the whole point of a closed primary is to select the Republican or Democrat who best fits THAT party's values as chosen by member of that party. Allowing members of another party to have a say in the primary weakens those values and diminishes the exchange of ideas and values between two opposing groups.

Also, and most devastating, is the breakdown of party affiliation, number of candidates running, and the ruinous effect it can have on the results. By throwing all candidates on one ballot, in a Red state like Missouri, that also means Republican votes will be split a lot more ways (as an example, there are 21 candidates for the US Senate), and that can mean a Democrat victory and worst case, ONLY DEMOCRATS APPEARING ON THE NOVEMBER BALLOT!. The Jungle Primary flyer depicts how this can happen.


Part Two

Ranked Choice Voting

From the Jungle Primary, four candidates will actually advance to the general election in November. Now the worst part of this IP comes into play: Ranked Choice Voting (RCV).

RCV requires voters to rank their choices from 1 through 4, from the person you most like to the one you lease like. The reported goal of RCV is to force a candidate to have 50%+1 of the "total votes cast". But as the flyer shows, "total votes cast" is a moving target.

Basically, all votes are totalled and if one candidate did not receive 50%+1 votes of the votes, then RCV kicks in. Here's what happens next:

1. The candidate with the fewest votes is eliminated.

2. Anyone who chose him as their #1 choice has that vote now moved to their #2 choice.

3. Votes are then added again. If no candidate received 50%+1 of the votes, then the shuffling of votes continues.

4. The candidate with the lowest number of votes is again eliminated.

5. Anyone choosing him as their #1 choice now has their votes moved to their number #2 choice IF THAT CANDIDATE IS STILL IN THE RACE! (Remember, in step 2 a candidate was eliminated.) If that candidate is no longer in the race, their "#3 choice" now becomes their #1 choice and votes are moved to that candidate.

This absurd process continues until a candidate has 50%+1. That person is then declared the "winner".

Flyer against R4 BACK.jpg

What happens if you decide you're only going to rank the first two candidates? Well, let's say in the example above, you chose the person eliminated in step 2 as your second choice. Since you didn't choose a third choice, your ballot is now "exhausted" and thrown out. Not only do you not get any further say in the winner, but also you just reduced the "majority of votes cast" by one vote! Imagine a lot of people not ranking all four candidates. The number of votes needed to win keeps being reduced accordingly. Are you starting to see what a scam this is?

The solution of course, is to keep our current form of voting that has worked since the inception of our country. The ONLY reason the Left is trying to change it across the nation is that it favors them in Red states and further destroys the integrity of our elections.

The flyer on this subject shows you how a Socialist with next to the fewest votes on election night goes on to win the race!

- An Aritcle From "The Heritage Foundation" on the ills of RCV


A left wing organization is attempting to get Ranked Choice Voting on the ballot for our November elections. They are once again attempting to do an end run around our state legislature and instead ram this through as yet another amendment to our very-very-easy-to-amend-state constitution. Flipping Missouri from our current majority vote wins or top two run-off  to ranked choices would be a coup for the Left as it would likely put mediocre Democrat candidates in elected positions of authority.


Takeaways from the article below.

1. Only a majority of the voters remaining in the final round determine the winner, not a majority of all of the voters who actually cast votes in the elections. (In run-off elections you have a chance to research and vote for the final two options.)

2. If you do not rank all choices, your ballot is thrown out when your limited choices are omitted;

3. RCV results in mediocre candidates “winning”, not the candidates with early on majority support because votes get reshuffled

4. You the voter have no idea who will finally be declared the winner as computers shuffle and reshuffle votes.

5. The reshuffling transforms voting from issues driven to process driven, further disenfranchising voters.

6. A ranked choice election will, in the end, boil down to only two opposing candidates, but many voters (not knowing how the roulette wheel will spin) will not cast ballots between those two choices. That voter ends up with no say in the contest between the final two candidates in the black box elections governed by ranked choice voting.

7. Ranked choice voting also provides voters with an incentive to tactically game the system and falsify their preferences for candidates. (Social Media might tell you to rank your choice 2nd, expecting the shuffle to ultimately choose #2)

8. In the end, RVC like other election “reforms” is all about political power, not about what is best for the American people and for preserving our great republic. So-called reformers want to change process rules so they can manipulate election outcomes to obtain power.


Read the full, alarming article from From the Heritage Foundation, “Ranked Choice Voting Is a Bad Choice

Editorial Opinion

What can you do about Ranked Choice Voting? Plenty!

Missouri House Joint Resolution 130 (HJR130) would require a change in the ease with which our state constitution can be modified. Currently, we have one of the easiest constitutions in the entire country to change, and that's a travesty! The Left discovered this several years ago, and they've been using it constantly to move this state further and further to the Left. Medicaid Expansion from 2021 is the latest example. Knowing they can never get their extreme agenda through our state legislature, they instead attack our state constitution. Since it requires a mere 51% simple majority, and since they can currently cherry pick the districts where they obtain signatures to get extreme legislation on the ballot, they are having a field day with their agenda and our patience.

HJR130 would change that. If passed - joint resolutions must be voted on by the public once they've passed the House and Senate in Jeff City - would require not only more than half the popular vote, but also more than half the legislative districts. We have 163, so that means the votes of 82 districts would have to total more than half and the popular vote of the state must also be more than half. That makes it a whole lot harder to whittle away at our values in Missouri. It sends a message to the Left that says we are done with their games, and we are done allowing them to damage our Constitution.  Contact your representative HERE and your senator HERE, and tell them you support HJR130.

National Headlines

Conservatives Spend Big To Highlight Schumer’s ‘Dangerous Threats’

- Real Clear Politics

The would-be assassin has sat behind bars for a week, and coverage of his foiled plot to murder Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh has receded from the headlines as inflation, a shaky stock market, and the Jan. 6 Commission all compete for that space.

The story on the threats to the life of a member of the highest court in the land has increasingly been buried.

But conservatives won’t let the frightening incident recede into voters’ memory banks. They are determined to lay the blame at the feet of Democrats, one prominent Democrat in particular.

Judicial Crisis Network has cut a new attack ad highlighting previous rhetoric by Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, warning Kavanaugh that there would be consequences if he voted to overturn Roe v. Wade. Read more HERE.

We Finally Have a CD Map!

Here it is! After months of arguing, filibustering, and stalling other legislation, the state legislature finally passed a weak 6/2 map that many fear will become a 5/3 map as District 2 continues to trend blue. A sorry mess.

One of the reasons this map took so long to produce is the games people play. Allowing senators and representatives who have skin in the game with future political plans to draw the maps that affect their races results in just this kind of end result. One example would be the sitting senator in the 31st district who used his influence to cut out two of his conservative opponents. Shame on him, and shame on us for allowing this kind of game playing from our elected officials.

So, here is the map we've been waiting for.....

FINAL congressional district map 2022.jpg

Did you know Facebook tracks your activity even when you're NOT on their platform?

If that angers you (and it should) here's how to stop it!

1. From your news feed page on FB, click the settings (account) button

2. Choose Settings & Privacy, and then Settings

3. Click "Your facebook information" (it might be on the left side of your computer screen)

4. Click "Off-Facebook activity"

5. Click "Clear History" to remove any existing tracking information

6. Choose "more options"

7. Click "Manage Future Activity" and then on the next screen click the same thing again!

8. Where it says "Future Facebook Activity" there is a slide with a button. Left is OFF.

     - If the slide is to the right click it, and then click "Turn Off"

They sure make it easy to protect your privacy, don't they! Nine steps just to say "STOP!"

fascistbook tracking notice.jpg

The January 6 Insurrection Hoax

September 2021 • Volume 50, Number 9Roger Kimball

Roger Kimball
Editor and Publisher, The New Criterion

Logo - Imprimis.jpg

A fantastic article from Imprimis, adapted from a lecture delivered at Hillsdale College on September 20, 2021, during a Center for Constructive Alternatives conference on “Critical American Elections.” Here is an excerpt:

"Many people have been quoting Benjamin Franklin’s famous response when asked what sort of government they had come up with at the Constitutional Convention of 1787. “A republic,” Franklin said, “if you can keep it.” Right now, it looks like we can’t. It looks as if the American constitutional republic has given way, as least temporarily, to an American oligarchy. 

"As the years go by, historians, if the censors allow them access to the documents and give them leave to publish their findings, may well count the 2016 presidential election as the last fair and open democratic election in U.S. history. I know we are not supposed to say that. I know that the heads of Twitter and Facebook and other woke guardians of the status quo call this view “The Big Lie” and do all they can to suppress it. But every honest person knows that the 2020 election was tainted."

Click HERE to read the full article. I promise, it's worth your time to read the truth from those unafraid to broadcast it.

J6 Truth.jpg

J6 Truth

A new website dedicated to getting the truth out about the January 6th Insurrection hoax.

This site was created by the prisoners being held without bail and without charges by the criminal, corrupt communist Biden regime. This is third world behavior. Where are our Republican leaders? Why are they not in the fight to free these patriots?

Read their stories, see their faces, support their fight. Click HERE.



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