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Is Conservative News Missing From Your Local and National Media?

If you are tired of MSM (including most of Fox filtering events and giving you only the "approved" talking points, if you're fed up with local news that is barely more than a copy/paste of government approved and altered reality, and if you also don't have the spare time to search through all the "alternative" sites to find real news about real things that concern you.....Welcome! We're here to help!

We do the searching for you, and bring you conservative news from a variety of sources. Welcome Home! 

You've found  The News That's Right.

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Election Debates, The Good and The Super Ugly

The Good: Governor Ron DeSantis and his challenger Charlie Crist

Ron DeSantis and Charlie Crist squared off in Florida for a live debate on October 25th. Often contentious, they discussed a variety of topics. Watch the full debate and decide who you think won.....

The Super Ugly: Dr. Mehmet Oz and John Fetterman

From his opening remarks, "Hi, good night everybody" through the end of the debate, Fetterman's struggle to put words together was painful to watch. The idea this man can serve effectively in the Senate is nothing short of sadly laughable. Watch if you can. It takes determination to get through it.

6 States Sue Biden, Education Secretary Over Student Debt Cancellation

...And Yes, Missouri is One of Them!          Latest Update from Appellate Court

photo for epoc times.jpg

- Update 10/25/22

​"A district court threw out the Republican states' case last week, the 8th Circuit on Friday put an administrative hold on the policy, preventing the vote seeking Biden administration from moving forward with debt forgiveness plans, Biden's DOJ made their appeal today (the 25th) and the Republicans is due in one week.

​​Filed in federal court in Missouri. Read the full article HERE.

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Inflation, Shutdowns, and Trending Authoritarianism -- Yes, They Are Connected

- American Thinker

No government can deny people their ability to make a living without giving them the means to survive. Unlike the federal government, the states don’t have a central bank that can create money. But with the $2.2 trillion Cares Act, Congress rode to the rescue and accommodated the states with the money to pay for their shutdowns.

So, the states shut down their economies, Congress backstopped the states, and the Fed provided the money.

Read the full article HERE.

American Thinker logo.jpg

The Thinnest Veneer of Civilization

- American Greatness, Victor Davis Hanson

logo - American Greatness.jpg

We talk grandly about the globalized Great Reset. We blindly accept the faddish New Green Deal. We virtue signal about defunding the police. We merely shrug at open borders. And we brag about banning fertilizers and pesticides, outlawing the internal combustion engine, and discounting Armageddon in the nuclear age—as if on autopilot we have already reached utopia. 

But meanwhile Westerners are systematically destroying the very elements of our civilization that permitted such fantasies in the first place.   Read the full article HERE.

National Headlines


Editorial Note: This despicable parasite has been the source of misery for too many people for too many decades. It's time the American people demanded justice. He deserves to be in prison rather than roaming free to inflict continued damage to American lives. At the heart of it, Fauci is incompetent and owes his power to the even greater incompetence of our government.

Why Ray Epps Matters

DC - j6 crowd.jpg

- American Greatness

“Multiple videos show Ray Epps repeatedly urging crowds of people in Washington, D.C. on January 5 and January 6, 2021, to go to the United States Capitol and breach the building,“ Gosar explained. “Epps is the one person seen on video directing people towards the Capitol seconds before violence broke out, yet he has never been arrested or charged with any crime while more than 800 others have and countless more remained jailed.”

Read the full article HERE.

Trump “Sexual Assault” Defamation Case Thrown Out By Appeals Court

- Gateway Pundit

Carroll, 78, sued Trump in 2019, claiming the Republican sexually assaulted her in the mid-1990s in a dressing room at a Bergdorf Goodman department store in Manhattan. Because the alleged attack happened decades ago, Carroll was originally barred from suing over sexual battery, pushing her to sue for defamation over allegedly disparaging comments Trump made about the rape allegation.

Read the full article HERE.

Trump nut job suit.webp

BOOM: Former Staffers And Colleagues Of Charlie Crist Unanimously Endorse Ron DeSantis For Governor

DeSantis 3.png

- The Gateway Pundit

Thirty-nine former staffers and colleagues of Dem Governor Charlie Crist have announced their support for Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

In the letter, they said, “The choice this November could not be more clear: we unanimously endorse Governor Ron DeSantis for re-election.”

Read the full article HERE.

Other Goodies

Did you know Facebook tracks your activity even when you're NOT on their platform?

If that angers you (and it should) here's how to stop it!

1. From your news feed page on FB, click the settings (account) button

2. Choose Settings & Privacy, and then Settings

3. Click "Your facebook information" (it might be on the left side of your computer screen)

4. Click "Off-Facebook activity"

5. Click "Clear History" to remove any existing tracking information

6. Choose "more options"

7. Click "Manage Future Activity" and then on the next screen click the same thing again!

8. Where it says "Future Facebook Activity" there is a slide with a button. Left is OFF.

     - If the slide is to the right click it, and then click "Turn Off"

They sure make it easy to protect your privacy, don't they! Nine steps just to say "STOP!"

fascistbook tracking notice.jpg

Other Goodies

Thinking of giving to a charity? Check out their rating on Charity Navigator. Give with confidence.

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"American Gulag" by The Gateway Pundit is a site devoted to J6 Information.

Click HERE to open this site.

American Gulag
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